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​Engaging in the multi/interdisciplinary subsurface projects is our expertise. Our enthusiastic professionals are ready to present a promising impact on your natural resources exploration and development business. 

Counsulting services in
seismic amplitude and frequency


  • GeoData Science and Analytics

  • Machine & Deep Learning

  • Subsurface Databasing & SQL

  • Programming and Automation

  • Business Intelligence

  • ​Seismic (modeling/planning, processing and interpretation) 

  • Rock Physics / Petrophysics

  • Geology /Geomodeling

Seismic, GeoData, interpretation

Subsurface Data Proccessing and Interpretation


We specialize in conventional geoscience methods as well as advanced integrated quantitative approaches. From microscale to seismic resolution, we can provide insightful hints for reservoir characterization, development, and strategies.

microscale GeoData for reservoir characterization
Subsurface imaging and interpretation

GeoData Science and Machine Learning

When it comes to complex and non-linear problems, machine learning outperforms conventional methods. We have solid experience for both regression and classification problems (e.g. impedance prediction from seismic data, lithology/facies prediction from both well logs and seismic data).

GeoData, facies prediction using various Machine Learning algorithms

Application Development

Our domain knowledge and experience accompanied by programming and machine learning skills can be a promising support for your problems. You can easily have your own customized application/software for the daily computation and get rid of general applications. This will save time and money. Applications are expandable, scalable and adaptable for future tasks.

Python programming and application production
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