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On this page, free books, papers, or youtube video files will be shared when we find them useful for both geoscience and data science experts.

The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction.

This book is one of the greatest in the statistical learning topic. The PDF file of this book is available to download through the University of Stanford website.

Python Data Science Handbook

This is a great book with practical examples. An appropriate explanation of Machine Learning algorithms followed by professional figure design can be seen at your first visit. Its online version is free, though you may order a paper book as well. 

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

If you are looking to understand the fundamentals of neural networks with simple python codes this book is for you. Michael Nielsen published it online for free. 

Fundamentals of Reservoir Rock Properties

 Fundamentals of Reservoir Rock Properties  discusses several essential rock properties needed for petroleum engineers and geoscientists. The topics covered are porosity, rock compressibility, permeability, fluid saturation, electrical properties of reservoir rocks, wettability, capillary pressure, and relative permeability. The final chapter integrates all the properties with a discussion on the application. 

What is a Neural Network? | Deep Learning

If you prefer watching high-quality video files with a fantastic visualization of neural network architecture, 3Blue1Brown will be the right choice. The youtube files are created professionally with Blender (open-source software for animation).

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