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Data Energy is a private consulting company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our team consists of experienced professional consultants in geoscience and engineering with a genuine awareness of conventional integrated studies and computer science's importance in drilling datasets. Our team gained more than 80 years of experience collectively with domestic and international ventures ranging from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, to North America in both conventional and unconventionals. We will accompany our clients to improve profit targets by translating data into knowledge to thrust over common and unique obstacles.  

A team of geoscience data scientists collaborating in a modern office, with laptops, documents, and graphs on the table
Our goal is to apply AI/ML progressively to the energy industry to elevate value extraction potential.   

Data Energy is committed to enhancing conventional approaches using AI/ML for perfection. We are aware of integrated solutions with our extensive domain experience tied with a strong belief in machine technology assistance for the energy industry challenges. We customize workflows to adjust to your business problems to introduce efficient approaches. Data Energy is looking for opportunities to engage with broader business challenges to contribute perspectives developments.   



Data Energy provides services for conventional reservoir studies, automating geoscientific tasks, applying machine learning approaches for prediction challenges, and data science/data analytics techniques for new business opportunities.  We have collaboration with Geomodeling Knowledge, Parker Geophysical Consulting, and Ashaw Energy for integrated reservoir studies. 

Logo of GMDK (Geomodeling Knowledge), a geomodeling company collaborating with DataEnergy

+20 years of experience in reservoir modeling using GOCAD, PETREL, and SKUA in various regions from Europe to Western Canada.

Logo of Ashaw Energy, a company collaborating with DataEnergy.

Upstream petroleum engineering Software Company developed Eushaw Dynamic Simulator to automated history-match for a multi-well reservoir from downhole to surface.

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