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Services are included in project design, implementation, supervision, data processing, and interpretation. Integrated studies are the most advanced approachs that can be crucial to effective decision making on exploration and development projects.  



Our services cover geology, geophysics, petrophysics, and reservoir engineering. Seismic survey design, processing supervision, qualitative and quantitative interpretation are the most popular services for geophysical activities. Exploration and development geology are comprehensive topics in geoscience. From simple well log processing and interpretation to multiwell petrophysical analysis can be provided as well. Reservoir engineering includes from a single well log and production analysis to consistent dynamic model construction. Field Development Planning (FDP) is our expertise.



Sometimes conventional approaches are not  efficient because of data complexity/non-linearity. In data science and specifically in machine learning, we provide these services: data preparation, statistical data analysis, feature engineering, model training/model selection, model evaluation, and production.

Depending on the nature of the target problem, various model algorithms can be examined, hyper-parameters optimized and model evaluation critically implemented with different metrics.

We do not value ML-driven results that do not have geoscience support and clues.



If a potential or an on-going project needs outside consultants, we are ready to assist you with our knowledge and experience. We possess geoscience domain expertise, data science and machine learning experience, and application development interest. We can provide written, on-line, or face to face consultancy at your desired place, schedule, and convenience. Our past multidisciplinary experience is the strength of our current interdisciplinary actions.



We transfer knowledge through the training courses, workshops, and technical chapters targeted at different audiences.

We have designed four courses to integrate emerging computer technology with current market needs. These courses are:

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