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From full project management to small concerns, we support until satisfactory results accomplished.

Seismic acquisition, interpretation and inversion, GeoData



  • 2D, 3D, and 4D seismic survey design, operation supervision, seismic modeling

  • Land & off-shore seismic full-cycle processing, purpose-oriented, conventional/advanced seismic processing flow design and supervision

  • Structural & stratigraphical seismic data interpretation, attribute analysis, velocity modeling

  • Quantitative interpretation (QI): rock physics modeling, rock classification, geomechanics, and pore pressure prediction 

  • Pre-post stack inversion for impedances, Vp/Vs ratio, density employing: Simultaneous inversion, PPPS inversion, Coloured inversion, Model-based inversion, Band-limited inversion, AVO inversion     



  • Integration of geological, geophysical, engineering and production data to develop consistent reservoir understanding/ reserve calculation and scenarios

  • Facies modeling, petrophysical modeling, static model construction, reserve calculation, geological uncertainty analysis and mapping/geostatistics

  • Planning, optimizing and coordinating field development activities

  • Geomechanics modeling with drilling, log and seismic data

  • Petroleum system analysis/ basin analysis, thermochronology and thermal history modeling, reservoir and source rock characterization, risk analysis

Geological data interpretation and modeling, geostatistics
Petrophysics, well logs, imaging logs, NMR, GeoData



  • Logging planning, acquisition supervision, and processing

  • Quantitative petrophysical and log interpretation

  • Quick-look, deterministic/probabilistic log analysis and modeling

  • Integrated studies interacting with other reservoir specialists for field development and static model construction

  • Computation and assessment of hydrocarbon in place

  • Petrophysical logs interpretation to calculate reservoir parameters using conventional and advanced tools like NMR, Dipole Sonic, and FMI. 



  • Analyse the reservoir characterization required for evaluating petroleum reserves.

  • Develop field development plan & reservoir management strategy by using reservoir simulation model

  • Reservoir simulation, Phase behaviour modelling, Reservoir management, Field development planning

  • Well test planning and interpretation, PTA and PVT review and analysis, well planning

Reservoir simulation, modeling, rock typing

Data Enegy supports you with broad knowledge and experience for data science and machine learning application for oil and gas challenges. 

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