Ryan A. Mardani

Founder and Senior Geo Data Scientist 


After graduation with a Master's degree in Petroleum Geology, Ryan started his career with Bureau Of Geophysical Prospecting Ltd (BGP) as a field Geophysicist and seismic processor in the world's largest (2003-2005) 3D seismic acquisition project in the Middle East, AMK. He was involved in several 2D/3D seismic data acquisition both on offshore and onshore surveys. 

Then, he began to employe his academic quality supported by industry experience in the role of seismic interpretation. Spending several years on qualitative and quantitative geoscience on various basins ranging from the Middle East, West Africa to Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, developed a particular interest to return campus and look for an integrated aspect of geophysics and automation/computation and received another master’s degree from the University of Calgary. He realized artificial intelligence, specifically, machine learning can have strong potential for solving geoscientific problems where conventional approaches face difficulties to suggest convincing solutions.
Currently, Ryan is working as a machine learning developer for multi-class classification problems especially for rock facies prediction from well logs and seismic data. He is developing python applications for refining datasets, engineering features, training, and testing data, evaluating various model performances, and deploying appropriate models for production. He regularly presents his works on his blog and shares generated source codes in his GitHub account.